All Terrain Bicycle Shop (ATBS) is an independently owned and operated full-service bicycle shop for tune-ups, maintenance, repairs and project bike builds. ATBS services all makes, models, brands and types of bicycles: Mountain, Road, Vintage, Tri-bikes, Gravel, Hybrid, Cyclocross, Cargo, Kids and E-bikes.

Located in Lakewood Colorado, ATBS services bicycles all across the front range.

Phone: 303.478.7201

Bill Irvine  – Owner ATBS

All Terrain Bicycle Shop (ATBS) is independently owned and operated by Bill Irvine.

As a kid, Bill loved fixing his bicycle and his friend’s bicycles. Even if a bike did not need repair, Bill liked taking bikes apart anyway and then reassembling, just to see how they all worked. In college, Bill ran competitively at the University of Florida, where he complemented his running with cycling, all the while continuing to work on bicycles. After graduating from college in Mechanical Engineering, Bill continued riding and building his bicycle collection and toolchest. Bill finally decided to hang up his track spikes and go full bore into cycling and bicycle tune-up/maintenance/repair by way of Colorado’s premiere bicycle shop: All Terrain Bicycle Shop (ATBS) that services bicycles across Colorado’s front range. One of Bill’s pet peeves is thoroughly cleaning a bicycle before working on it—when you get your bicycle back from ATBS, it will be clean and shiny, and ride like a dream. Bill and his staff pour their souls and passion into your bike still the same way Bill did growing up.